Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What is BB cream?

Stands for Blemish Base BB Cream makes the skin more natural than the foundation and more colorful than usual moisturizer. Almost all cosmetic brands in Korea have a BB cream range, complete with color choices.

According to the Seoul & Shopping, there are some BB cream that many people are being favored to Korea, namely:

A. Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream. The product is claimed to be a best seller sold one every 10 seconds. With SPF 30 to protect the face from the sun. The price 14ribu Won (USD 11)

2. The Face Shop BB Cream Power Perfection. Vita Omega and skin contain complex. With the model of Kim Hyun Jung and Won Bin, makes this cream can also be used by men. Ouch! The price is 22 900 Won (about USD 24)

3. BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream. Brand is specifically for sensitive and problematic skin so that all its products are made as natural as possible and contain green tea extract. The price is 22 900 Won (about USD 24)

4.Dr Jart BB Cream range. Dr Jart initially launched only in the duty free shop and the immediate success of the Korean celebrities wear and immediate worldwide. In fact we can get it at Sephora. Prices range from 22 900 Won (about USD 24) until 48ribu Won (about USD 24)

5. Expert Triple BB Cream Series. Consists of three kinds: brighten, reduce wrinkle and UV protection. Prices are around 16 800 Won (about USD 13)

So just select the appropriate to the needs and capabilities of the bag. Yummy in Korea, the cosmetics are also sold in a small package so no need to feel great loss if you want to try BB cream has hit the world AND WANT TO MAKE A WOMAN addicted CRAZY AND??? A BEAUTIFUL FACE LIKE FINE ARTIST KOREA, SO YOU INTERESTED?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Proper way to choose an anti aging cream

Specify your choice when buying anti anging cream, do not have to be expensive, but it is important to have nutritious substances for skin tightening.
The more you get older your skin then you will begin to fade. The skin becomes wrinkled, appeared fine lines and dark spots. To get around this you could use a lot of anti aging products on the market.

We recommend that you research about the content of which they are measured for a number of dangerous materials such as alcohol, paraben, phenol carbolic acid, and triclosans. You are advised to seek anti-aging products that contain organic ingredients. Beauty of your skin will be more awake with organic ingredients. Organic materials such as Cynergy TK can increase collagen production naturally. There also is an extract Phytessence wakame seaweed from Japan. This can make your skin younger and firmer because it contains hyaluronic Asama.

Several other organic materials such as coenzyme Q10, natural vitamin E, honey, and grape seed oil can reverse signs of aging. Organic material is preferably present in anti-wrinkle cream your product. several other materials are also included in the mandatory anti-aging products you are. Ingredients such as vitamin C can restore the brightness of the skin.

Suggested there on your anti-wrinkle cream that is used exclusively at night because it is more rapidly absorbed and repair of skin tissue. Vitamin B3 works to protect the skin cells, vitamin A or retinol can increase collagen production, Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) remove dead skin cells and lead to optimal skin cell regeneration, vitamin E can protect the skin from the adverse effects of sunlight.

Before you buy anti-wrinkle cream is better you know your skin type first. Each of these anti aging skin require different products. Oily skin are advised to select anti aging products that are water-free oil. Anti wrinkle creams are made from geranium are recommended.

For dry skin are advised to choose an anti aging product is oil based and contains hyaluronic acid to keep skin moist so you do not quickly disappear. Sensitive skin should use products that are really right, either normal or dry. Beauty depends on care of your skin that you do.

Using a moisturizer in the morning and anti wrinkle creams at night and diligently clean your face after a trip will slow down the aging of the skin of your face. Keeping your skin takes a long time but if you regularly you will be impressed with the results.

So you should carefully before buying an anti aging cream, which is really suitable for your skin type.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Anti aging formula, as well as nutritional supplements, which are able to restore and prevent damage sel.Kandungan Meta Greens which is a phytonutrient C, increase energy, aid digestion Ingredients crocodile Gold, Meta Berry became Anti-oxidants as well as reducing weight by INTHINITY name SYSTEM.

List of Materials

Univera products is a different product marketers. The company claims all the materials used in all their products are a blend of all natural plant products and synthetic mixtures of products. Each supplement will have their own unique blend of formula and the ratio between the botanical and synthetic materials will vary according to the selected specific supplements.
Product Features

Univera has different types of supplements available. The company expressed their desire to meet the needs of everyone. This product is supposed to help people with skin cell repair must achieve weight loss goals. The company claims they work to meet health needs. There is no evidence that the ingredients and formula are claimed by the company as evidenced by scientific research.

Continue Research Weight Loss: Diet Featured Cam View

* Univera uses mainly botanical ingredients but also synthetic materials used as well.
* Univera offers many products for sale to help consumers find the products that they can use.
* The product comes with a 90-day guarantee.

Univera is a company which markets dietary supplements for health related needs. The company has many products in their line-up. The company is targeting the adult population is aging with anti-aging products. Supplements that are supposed to help increase energy and aid in weight loss. The company operates as a multilevel marketing company that allows users to purchase online, from a distributor or a distributor of the product.

Univera products is a new product that rapidly worldwide because their products are made from natural ingredients and quickly bring benefits to all young and slim .me

Saturday, June 5, 2010

About anti aging

About anti aging
You want to be young, with skin treatment technology, you can eliminate aging and aging happens because sunday.Anda rays can be young and attractive with anti-aging treatment known as anti-aging.
Anti aging or prevent degenerative processes of aging, symptoms such as wrinkles, rough skin of black stains, the cause of wrinkles is due to the decreasing amount of collagen dermis.
For a tropical climate with a lot of sunlight can cause a high risk of premature aging problems can be overcome with dermatologis.yang treatment applied directly to the skin will be more effective.
Way that is used to treat aging

o Injection of Botulinum Toxin
Dermatological experts have compiled a useful biological effects of botulinum toxin to treat the effects of aging such as lines and wrinkles on the forehead of the face. Expert dermatological uses a purified botulinum toxin in very small quantities injected on the target in the face. The result is muscle nerve blockade caused local immobilization of muscle movement. This immobilization prevents the formation of wrinkle lines and wrinkles when the patient frowns.
The result of this treatment lasted 3-4 months. For maximum results, treatment with botulinum toxin was repeated for several times and combined with muscle training program to get used to minimize wrinkles facial expressions. Treatment with botulinum toxin is approximately 30 minutes in the office of an expert dermatologist.
Prices are expensive, big risks, not practical as a disability from this injection.
Collagen Injection o
Collagen is a substance that consists of fiber proteins from human and animal tissue. Collagen provides strength and structure of the skin, bones, and ligaments. Most of the collagen used for the treatment of this way derived from animals. However people who are allergic to cow collagen or collagen-like substances can be own donor tissue from the patient or donor.
Dermatological experts will check whether the patient is allergic to cow collagen. Effects of collagen injections can last 3-12 months. Same with the injection of botulinum, the price is expensive, the risk of large, cumbersome, and can cause allergies as a disability from this injection.
o OTC products (Over-the-counter)
containing retinol (vitamin A family), AHAs, antioxidants like vitamins C and E and moisturizers may reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Products used topically it is relatively more practical and safe so preferred.
Antioxidants are used topically, especially vitamins C and E, works to help cells repair damaged skin caused by free radicals and cigarette Ultraviolet
Antioxidants are compounds that could inhibit free radical oxidation. As an active ingredient, an antioxidant used to protect the skin from oxidative damage and prevent premature aging.
Free radicals are molecules or atoms that have one or more unpaired electrons. Electrons are very reactive and quickly react with other molecules to form new free radicals in large numbers continuously.
Free radicals can cause damage in various parts of the cell and cause various diseases such as tumors, cancer, atherosclerosis, cataracts, wrinkles, aging and others.